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Many of the books that have been written about various aspects of Woolton are now out of print. Most are available to 'read only' at the Liverpool Record Office. Those books still available to purchase are marked with an asterisk:*



Joyce M Brearley, Village Education. [History of 150 years of C of E in Woolton, 1973. Also, a 2nd enlarged reprinted edition issued 1975].

(Councillor) Anthony McVeigh, MBE, Woolton Village Garden Fete.
[Annual magazines, containing many local articles, that ran from 1977-99].

(Councillor) Anthony McVeigh, MBE, Memories of Old Liverpool and Its People.    [Autobiography].

H Barker, Historical Notes of St. Mary's Woolton.

St. Mary's Woolton. [Up-date to above].

John Lally & Janet Gnosspelius, History of Much Woolton.* 

Woolton Townswomens' Guild, A History of Much Woolton.

Ted Roberts, The Story of a Parish, 1826-1987.* [St. Peter's Church].

Woolton Congregational Church, 1856-1956. [Centenary publication].

J F Marsh, The Story of Woolton, Vols. 1 & 2.* [Reprint].

Adrian Rockliff Lubé Bush, A History of the Rockliff Family. [married into the Bullen family whose family crypt is in St. Mary's Church].

Ron Brown, In and Around Woolton Village.*

Ron Brown, In and Around Woolton Village 2.*

Ron Brown, Jet of Iada, DM, MFV. *

Ron Brown, Woolton at War. *

Alec R Ellis, The House on Woolton Hill. [Autobiography].

David Paul, Woolton Voices.*




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